My Journey Through the “Best Pictures”

I am attempting to watch all of the films that have ever been nominated for Best Picture. Why? Because I simply have nothing better to do.

One should not put too much stock into the Academy Awards. The nominees/winners tend to be chosen for purely political reasons and the amount of great movies that have been snubbed over the years is quite frankly appalling! But if nothing else, the Best Picture nominees list is… well, a list. An excuse to see more films which I may not have seen otherwise. And going through that list will allow me to determine just how many times the Academy, in my estimation, gave the golden guy to the “wrong” film.

As of January 2016, there have been 520*^ films nominated for Best Picture, dating back to 1927(523 if you count the “Unique & Artistic Production” category which was discarded after the debut award ceremony). By last tally, I’ve seen 141** of those films or a paltry 27%.

*[1-14-16 EDIT] The nominations are in for the 2016 award ceremony so make that total 528(531 if you’re a nerd like me).

^[6-20-17 EDIT] The Academy Awards have come and gone for 2017 so make that total 537(540 if you’re a nerd like me). ** I have now seen 253 of those films or 47%.

I’ve decided to tackle the decade of the 1930’s first because that’s the decade of which I’ve seen the LEAST number of nominated films(honestly, like maybe 2 0r 3). So I’ll start with the nominees from the 1929/30 ceremony and continue on down the line until I reach 1940. I may jump to a different decade at that point or I may stick with the 40’s. Who knows? (And who cares?)

For each year, I’ll watch the WINNING picture last, in order to decide for myself if it is indeed superior to the others. I will also list films which were or have been well received yet were not even nominated.

Also, I wouldn’t call these scribblings “reviews”. It’s going to be more like random notes; things I liked, things I didn’t, fun tidbits and what not. So please do not expect proper grammar. Sentence fragments galore! I will do my best to spell words correctly at least.

Quick links to my “reviews” so far:

1929/1930 • 1930/1931 • 1931/1932 • 1932/33 1934 • 1935  1936 1937 19381939 1970 • 2015


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